Prepay online with credit or debit cards on a “My School Bucks” account!


Checks can be delivered to the cafeteria before school or sent with your student to put a credit in their lunch account.


Cash is accepted at the time of purchase.  The school recommends paying on-line to speed up the lunch line!

Prepay for Meals Today!

Prepaying for meals on-line, or with the app, allows you to put funds in your student’s account immediately.  You won’t need to drop everything and rush to school because of a forgotten lunch!  The lunch line is much quicker when students aren’t looking for their money or cashiers aren’t making change and counting money.  It’s faster and healthier to not handle money before eating your meal!  You can get low fund alerts or set limits on your student’s spending when you set up your account!
El Segundo Elementary School Meals


$2.00 Breakfast
$3.50 Lunch

El Segundo Middle School Meals

$2.00 Breakfast
$4.00 Lunch

El Segundo High School Lunch

$4.25 Lunch (served at snack & lunch service times)

Free and Reduced

ESUSD does not charge qualified families for Free or Reduced complete meals at this time. Please be sure that your student selects all the components for a complete meal or they will be charged. Refer to the “Choose My Plate” information on this website and signs are posted in all the cafeterias with clear instructions on what a complete meal looks like.

A La Carte Smart Snacks La Carte “healthy snacks” may be available depending on the school site.  The prices are posted in each cafeteria.  All snacks sold in the cafeteria have been certified as “healthy” by using the “Smart Snacks Product Calculator”! Check out this website for your personal use, too!

We have three convenient ways to pay for meals.  Prepaid meals are always encouraged.  This helps speed up our service and ensure that your child always has money on account for a meal.

We don’t want to see any child go hungry!  If your child forgets their money they will receive a meal, but we appreciate you sending payment to the cafeteria as soon as possible in appreciation of taking care of your student!  The public school food service program is mandated to be self-supporting and your payments cover the cost of the food, equipment and the salaries of our cafeteria staff.

Our staff never wants to have a child go hungry!


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