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Your family may qualify for free or reduced price meals.

Please submit one form for your entire household at any time

throughout the school year.

Students new to ESUSD will need to bring a lunch or lunch money until you are notified about your approval in the lunch program.  There is a minimum 1 day wait for your enrollment start to reach the cafeteria point of sale computer.  Thank you.

As a part of the National School Lunch Program, some students may be eligible for a free or reduced price lunch.  All families wishing to receive free or reduced meals must complete a new application each school year. If the family received assistance in the previous year, it may continue briefly into the new year, but without a new application the benefits could stop.  It can take up to 10 days to process an application. After the application has been processed, the family will receive a letter stating those benefits for which the family is eligible. Please save your approval letter as it may qualify you for other benefits or scholarships.  Beginning this year, applications are always available online.  Please submit the form, completed in full, for immediate processing.

Remember that you will need to complete a new application with current information each year.

Complete a Meal Application Today! -- Last Year's Approvals Expire at the End of September!

Letter to Families

Free and Reduced Meal Application Instructions – The new application for the 2018-19 School Year will be available after August 10th.

A new application needs to be completed after August 1st every year to reflect the most current information about your household.

Your on-line PowerSchool Registration materials will refer you back to this website to complete the lunch program form at that time.

If you have any questions or need help filling out the application, please contact Toni Lipscomb at 310-615-2650 X1524.

English:  18-19 Letter to Households

Espanol: 18-19 Letter to Households SP

Meal Application - English

Applications will be on the Home Page.

Comidas Aplicaciones - Español

Las Aplicaciones para los Beneficios de Comidas Gratis o Reducidas esta en la pagina al incio.

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